Read excel invoke vba

Hi, I’m trying to apply VBA code using invoke Vba activity inside excel application scope… However the activity fails… The excel has 70000+ rows
Can anyone help me to sort it out?

Hi @nora_ziani !
Would you mind telling us more about your workflow ? Like what is the error ?
Or maybe what is the goal of the VBA code, maybe we can find a way to replace the invoke VBA by something else ?

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I want copy paste data from one woorkbook to another woorkbook and updating table pivot

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Show you VBA code, it has to have at least one Sub which you call in the acitivity.

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So you can take your source to a VBA file and put it in your project, then call the sub to retrieve data, looks simple.

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It does not working the problem macro maybe desactivate input it in file.txt with name of the method sometimes not working

Hello Nora,
To be fair I don’t test the code on 70.000 rows.
Here I have a Video with code of how I create Pivot Tabel: