Read Excel Details and Enter the Registration Form

Dear All,

I’m having a form which also includes the sub-form.
The main form data will be common for few rows and the sub-form data will differ. By reading the excel data, the main form data has to be entered once and the sub-form data has to be added as many rows. When there is null/empty row in the excel, it has to save the previously entered with same id and has to create preceding rows with next id. Is that possible and how can we achieve that?
I’ve attached a snapshot for reference.

For example, if first three row has same username and address as different. The process is to be like with same registration id 1 and the details.
If null occurs, the next rows has to be registration id as 2.

Thanks in advance.



Hi @Vinu_M
Yes of course its possible,

  1. use excel application scope to read the excel and pass the file path as input
  2. use read range activity and get the output by a variable of type datatable
  3. use for each row loop and mention the above obtained variable as input to this for each row loop
  4. Inside this for each row loop use a if condition mention like this
    Not String.IsNullOrEmpty(row(0).ToString)
    this means the row value in the first column is not null
    and if this condition gets passed it will go to then part where inside this use open application if its a desktop application or open browser if its a web application and include the activity that can type into the form
  5. inside the open application or open browser use a assign activity and mention like
    RowId = RowId +1
    where RowId is a integer variable with default value of 0
    you can use this Rowid to mention as ID and will get increment only when the row value is not null as it is in the THEN part of if condition which depicts the same (value is not null)
    Thats all then you can carry out the steps you need after this increment and make use of the rowid wherever you need

Cheers @Vinu_M


Thanks for your reply. I have tried out the scenatio, but it’s failing. If possible, could you please share me one sample .xaml file?

Hi @Vinu_M

I have created workflow based on your requirement it will help you. (56.3 KB)


Thanks for your reply. But my requirement is to check the null row. If the row is not null, the values has to be entered with same registration id else with new registration id.