Read EXCEL Column with the same column name

Hi All,

I’m having a Excel Worksheet like below:

Is there any way I can read the three column below “2.7-2.13”?
For next week the range would be the three column below “2.14-2.20”

How can I make this dynamic? Plz Help

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You can certainly read set of three columns with respect to the one week’s range as shown in the above image. But I want to point out the following tips:-

  1. You cannot read the set of three columns with respect the column names : Because, there cannot be a datatable having multiple columns with same names. (ie:- “Item”, “Output”, “Input”, etc)
  2. Also, you might need to read the datatable without headers and then use the date stamp and string manipulations with respect to the date range, where is possible but kinda complex (interesting) task.

Please provide the sample if you need the workflow.

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