Read Excel Column and Update Multiple row Values in a loop



Hi All,


Above is my Sample Excel Data:
I want to design a flow where after reading First Column That is ID : update it, Then read Address : update it ,Read Postal Code: and update it, and then Item1,Item2,Item 3 update one by one.
How do i now directly iterate next rows Item 1, Item2, Item 3, so on and keep updating

Once all is done for First ID, i go to Second row read ID, Then Address,Postal Code, and then Item1,Item2,Item 3, again repeat till all items are entered and so on.

Please note : Under ID , We must update Address and Under Address we must be able to add Items… Thats is the flow. same values cannot be allowed to re-entered.

Can any one help me with idea on how design this loop as defined above.

Thanks in Advance.