Read Excel Column and Update Multiple row Values in a loop

Hi All,


Above is my Sample Excel Data:
I want to design a flow where after reading First Column That is ID : update it, Then read Address : update it ,Read Postal Code: and update it, and then Item1,Item2,Item 3 update one by one.
How do i now directly iterate next rows Item 1, Item2, Item 3, so on and keep updating

Once all is done for First ID, i go to Second row read ID, Then Address,Postal Code, and then Item1,Item2,Item 3, again repeat till all items are entered and so on.

Please note : Under ID , We must update Address and Under Address we must be able to add Items… Thats is the flow. same values cannot be allowed to re-entered.

Can any one help me with idea on how design this loop as defined above.

Thanks in Advance.


Did u get the answer? please help me …facing the same scenario

yes i could resolve this issue, We need to use two for each each loop, and then remember the current filter values and keep checking for that before we read next record, if values are same then we update existing columns, if values are different we create a new entry and then insert a new record. also we check if all filter values are blank or if End of line is received then we end the loop. this way it will insert all parent and child record.

got it some way …can u share xaml file for reference