Read Excel Cells from 45 Excel Worksheets, Store in Data Table

Hi everyone, I am new to Ui Path. I have a questions regarding reading cells from multiple excel workbooks and storing these values in a data table to eventually extract from Ui Path. There is a total of 45 files i would like to condense into 1 data table output of only certain cells from each workbook. The workbooks have random filenames but are all stored in the same folder on desktop. The cells referenced are the same every time.

The bot would include (1) looping through 45 excel workbooks (2) reading information (about 7 fields) and storing into a data table, and (3) extracting the data table from Ui Path.

I was wondering if anyone had a similar example or could help. I’m currently struggling with organizing the cells into a data table and looping through the excel workbooks.

The best way to go about it would be to read contents of the directory , that would be stored in an array (File names and paths) ,

Use for loop to loop though the file names in the array , open each file and read the contents in a Temp Data Table , Use merge Data table activity / filter etc to combine specific column data.