Read excel and verify the attachment in directory and send the mail

I have excel file i want to send the mail separate one by one in excel,and my attachement file(excel files) present in folder
Project1.xlsx (8.9 KB)
first check in excel and verify in directory that attachement present in direcorty or not and send the mail for particular person if not present then show the message the file is not present in directory and again same process for all attachment.How to handle this situtation
please help me give me example in workflow pattern

Hi @Himanshu_Pratap_Rana

*Use read range activity and store data in DT.
*Use for each row activity to loop through each data.
*Use if activity and check file exist on the directory.,row("Excel Attachment").ToString))

*Based on the attachment availability send mail to the user.

Hope this helps.

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