Read English characters,numbers and special characters all....expect Chinese language


i have a data, it contains Chinese language and English characters, Alpha-numeric and special characters too…
i’m trying to read complete data, excluding Chinese Characters.

I tried using regex expression, can any one provide regex expression as reading the english characters,alpha-numeric,special characters.
Thanks in advance


this is regex expression for 半角字符

\x01-\x7E is english characters
\xA1-\xDF is japanese half-width kana ex. チュウゴク


System.Text.RegularExpressions.Regex.Replace(vTestString, “\x01-\x7E”,"")

It is not working


Can you try Replace activity with the following settings.

Pattern : "[^\p{IsBasicLatin}]"
Replacement : ""

The result will be without Chinese character.


I’m trying to extract high-lighted data only using regular expression

please provide the expression

Thank u, it is working

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