Read dynamic elements in webpage and click matching text

As you can see it selected a different WO# then the one searched

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yes this is correct, but was not the purpose of the test. what is the outcome from the test when selected to idx 2?

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The same result is selected.

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No the second yellow one is selected check on the screenhots or on environemt by rerunning the test and come back to me for next steps

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Thank you, the second yellow one is selected! What will be the next steps?

Perfect now change the selector to

<webctrl tag='A' class='*btn-warning*' innertext='*WO#{{WOIdentifier}}*' idx='1'>

WOIdentifier is a string variable holding the number: e.g. 226342
For tests /Selector validation put this number to variable default value

test selector. it should highlight the first yello box with this WO

Yes that works!


So at first. Rest a few seconds and be happy and proud of what you have already achieved. :+1:

In a next step just check scenario on:

  • is there a second yellow WO which has to be clicked?
  • Can it be the case that yellow box contains a TKT with your number which needs to be clicked
  • Can it be the case that a WO is undr a yellow Box and the yellow box needs to clicked?

So once you have cleared the other casses then we do know if we have done or doing some iterations

Almost there!

  1. No, only 1 WO must be clicked
  2. No, only the WO item needs to be clicked. As you can see each listing has TWO numbers, but we only are interesting in the yellow WO’s, and from those, which has the FIRST number that matches our variable.
  3. No, the # underneath is also a TKT# which we are not interested in.

SO I think for now we are done. I will try today to run my testing worksheet! Maybe just leave this open for a few days to make sure, and I will mark as solution after testing!

Thank you so much for your help @ppr

Sounds good. Keep in mind for mass and quality tests sometimes the bot is faster as the app and requires some sync steps. For quick finding this out use a delay before of 5000 ms (+/-) on the click just to proof that the bot is running the entire batch. Once this is done then an idea will be worked out on how the syncing can be implemented and the breaking delays will be removed.

this stesp often occurs in that phase of implementation. All the best and let rock your bot