Read document with field "Radio Box"

Friends, I need your help. I need a robot that reads a scanned document, and that document will have a “Radio Box” style field, and I don’t know how to make the robot see what is marked. In all, the robot has to read the information in this document, including what is marked in the “radio box” field and put that data in an Excel spreadsheet.
Thank you very much to all!

Maybe will be a good option to try automating your favorite pdf reading software (like acrobat reader) and see if you can use image automation on it.

I need to do this using UiPath, so I think this is not my solution.

Does anyone know if using Abbyy together with UiPath would help me in this case?

ofc we are in uipath forum :slight_smile: maybe you dont understood my suggestion, work with your pdf like you do a website, but instead of a browser, you will open your pdf in your reader and automate it like such…

Sorry, but how would I do that? What activities would I use in this case? I started now on uipath so I’m still learning

You use Start Process like this:
And then you can use Attach Window and the rest like you do in any project…

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Got it … Thank you! Can you tell if the integration of Abbyy with UiPath helps in this case? I heard there is that, but I’m not sure how to use it or if it really works … It seems that Abbyy has a better technology for this type of function

I the matter of OCR, to transform a scanned text into searchable text yes, but for the specific case of finding that Radio Box, i am not sure if this would work, you will need to test, but i guess that wont work, maybe find image will be better.