Read DateTime from excel as string as compare only date from Current system date

I am reading data from an excel cell which has date&time as string format, because the excel is created by data scraping from a webpage. something like: 31-12-2018 16:23:26.

Now, i need to compare only the date of this cell with the current system date, and do then do something with it.

Please guide.

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@Abhishek_Agarwal Have a look Here and
download zip file

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Thank, but displays an error:

Note that i am trying to pull row(7) from the below excel file, and match the same with current date. i wish only date to be matched and not the time

The variable is of type DateType, and below is the assignment:

@Abhishek_Agarwal Check in excelDate what you are getting

The error for which i provided the screenshot below (the first one)

Use write line for that particular cell and see in which format you are getting and parse the same format. For eg dd-MM-yyyy hh:mm:ss