Read date cell from multiple excel file and store in a single excel file

Hi All,
I would like to read a date cell (contains reports date) from multiples excel files and store write the value in a fixed column in a single excel. Appreciate you can help to provide some guidance

Hi @ryan.wongcs,

As you said that, you want to get cell value as date from multiple excel files.
To get cell value from multiple excels, you need to store those file paths in a collection, but if you have those files in 1 folder then, it’ll be easy to get those file paths by using —> Directory.Getfiles("folderPath","*.xlsx") in For each activity with Type argument —> String, to do same process for each excel file.

In for each activity, you can use read cell activity to get date, after that to write it in excel use write cell with appropriate range. If you want to append dates in output file then, you can get count of rows in it and use that count in write cell range —> “A”+(Count+1).ToString


Hi Samir,

Thanks for your reply. I am very new to Uipath and try to do as recommended but it does not work for me.
I have attached a sample excel for your reference , i would greatly appreciate it if you can help to do a sample xaml file for me. You may consider the source spread sheet are coming from 2 different excel files.Looking forward for your help.
Sample.xlsx (8.5 KB)

hey @ryan.wongcs,

I have separated those source files and placed them in folder —> Files
because in the topic you’ve mentioned that you want to get data and dates from multiple files.

here’s workflow —> (26.4 KB)

Note ;- In above you’ll see 2 source files in Files folders, so even if you add more source file, workflow will work without any error, But location of date “C3” and data location “A3” should not change.
And it’ll work even if you add any rows in data.