Read Datatable index 1 and index 2

Hi Team,

I fetched the data from database and stored in Datable Named Output variable.

I need to read Grand Total and Sum_Invoice_TA as shown in picture.

I used: Output.Rows(1)(“Grand_Total”).toString=Output.Rows(2)(“SUM_Invoice_TA”).toString
It gives me error there is no row at position 1 .

can anyone please help. Thanks in advance

Hi @ch460960

Could you try this instead?


Kind Regards,
Ashwin A.K

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Thanks it works :slight_smile:

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row indexes are 0 based.

we do understand that from 2nd row a value has to be assigned to a first row


But when exception is about no row on position then you will have maybe only 1 or 0 row. So just inpoect the datatable e.g while debugging

in case of only 1 row is present then refer to Ashwins post from above

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