Read data text from PDFs FIle

Hi All, i need to reach some data from Offer in PDFs File, but not all PDf have the same layout, one in in English language, one in Italian and other one has on top a different text.
Can you suggest me the better way to read the data i need (i set it in red color to explain what i need) from the 3 PDFs sample i attached ?

Many Thanks
Pdf1.pdf (32.1 KB)
Pdf2.pdf (29.2 KB)
Pdf3.pdf (34.1 KB)

what are trying to extract?

Hello @cristiano.breveglieri

It would be better if you can give more details about the data you are trying to fetch. Here as per your statement language as well as layout is changing. So will there be any fixed languages for this process and any fixed labels to extract from the pdfs?

Dear All, if you open the PDf file you see all the data i need to get in red colour.

I need the Proposta di Prezzo number, the Partner Name, End User Name, the SKU ordine and the Prezzo rivenditore consigliato.
you see it on red on all the PDF for help you.
But as you see we have 3 layout different for the pdf file that i need to automate. see the 3 file for example

Many thanks in advanced for the help
Cristiano Breveglieri