Read data in column and compare another sheet?

  1. Read column value from Column APPLAN

  2. find it in another sheet until found —> read column FYP from Sheet JAN and compare range rate in sheet that found value APPLAN.

  3. write value in sheet JAN as below.

Please guide me about it.

input.xlsx (20.2 KB)

Remark : In future sheet Config it more than 2 sheets (I don’t want to fix name)

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Hi @fairymemay,

Try with filterdatatable activity and then use loop to compare values between both the Original and output DT based on that write the values in resulting file.


@Shikhar_Tandon can​ you​ guide​ me​ about​ flow?

You need to read 3 the sheets and then check which table contains the APPLAN, and when found it will then compare the maximum and minimum and take the value according to Applan.
I have created a workflow that solves this issue.
Do let me know if you have any further issues.

input.xaml (18.6 KB)


@Sadmim_Hossain1 If I want fix sheetName but I want loop read sheets.
Because In future maybe add new config sheet.



In that case, you can click the workbook in excel scope and get all the sheets from there, and check in which table the APPLAN dynamically. I have updated the workflow to a more dynamic way. You can have a look over here.
input.xaml (19.3 KB)


Hi @fairymemay,
Did this work for you?

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