Read data from webpage same field multiple time


I have crated simple flow where in I am typing location/area from excel to webpage and capturing pincodes.
If pincode is not found on the basis of poput message I have assign output variable to write “No Pincode for This address”

What I have noticed is after 100 or 120 out put coming same as “No Pincode for This address”.

Please help

are you clicking 100 or 120 times?

jsut kidding, I guess after 100 times the selector where you get the info changes… so if you could please run the workflow, and stop it where you are getting the undesired result and using the uiExplorer compare with the actual values you have on the oringal selector, you feel me? like it must be changing there you just need to know what is changing and adapting your solution to it.

regards and happy automation.

Hi @beesheep Thanks for response I have records in thousands , so I can not stopped ,but what i have just noticed that error is tarting after 105 records , it may be the limit of clicks to find the pin code on website.


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can you reduce the loop ? like every 50 ? can you share your xaml?

Hi @beesheep, I have done a change to reopen the browser once loop is done for 50 times but same issue now after around 200 or 220

below is my xaml and excel data , used website is Pincode using Map Search | Search Pincode

Picode Add1 and Add2 Length 15 to (1.1 MB)

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