Read data from pdf and store that data into excel

Yes i have tried but getting error…

First two sequence looks good but you don’t need to open the outlook…you can remove that activity and just keep get outlook mail message

The attachment type is pdf or xlsx?

it’s Pdf

Is there any issue with Read PDF activity? Did you try it?

USe read pdf activity instead of opening it and if it is scanned pdf then use read pdf with ocr option…


Can You help me in how to store the pdf data in excel after using read pdf with OCR activity?

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I have tried that but didn’t get any results, can you help me in storing the pdf data to a created excel sheet?

@Pravin_Patil1 Any Update?

Will need sample output of read pdf activity to see what you are trying to convert to Datatable…

@Swetha_V Did it work?

I want to read this data in pdf and store in excel

send the output in text which you are getting after read pdf activity…
And tell me how you want it in the excel

I want the data (Do Not sit here) in a cell

Are getting this text in the output variable of the read PDF with OCR?

Yes After reading the pdf using read pdf with OCR activity, I am able to write it to a text file but unable to write in excel file.

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Use “*” in the column separator … I’m able to write this with this…If you are still getting issue then share the workflow file

Not getting, can you share sample workflow that would be really helpful for me to understand.
Thanks in advance…


If you can share your workflow I can make necessary changes…

Sequence1.xaml (13.1 KB) Data from PDF.xlsx (8.6 KB) CamScanner 03-11-2021 16.53_1.pdf (90.4 KB)
Please find the workflow, Pdf and excel file

Sequence1.xaml (15.7 KB)

  1. change the path with your path where you are saving the PDF attachments
  2. Add outlook email and save attachments because I removed it due to project version dependency
  3. Install PDF activities from UiPath Manage packages