Read data from excel

i have excel where i have to use data to fill application.
We have data under various category. How to read them. I am attaching excel for reference.
N522976 A45222 MFP.xls (42 KB)

Hi @Principal_htga

If your template is fixed

  • Use Excel Application Scope Activity
  • provide excel path
    -under Excel Application Scope Activity keep Read Range activity
    -Read Range Activity will output the Datatable
  • Using columns and rows you can always manipulate the Datatable and get the required info

Hope this helps


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@Srini84 please check excel file attached and suggest appropriately how to read those data.

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@Principal_htga - There are activities designed to manage Excel in UiPath - Please go through the link for activities and sample example.

also - pls check the link for row by row data earlier read post -

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@Principal_htga, Looking at file it seems like it’s fixed template. If so you can use Write Cell activity.