Read data from excel and copy this data and paste it into some search field

How can I read the excel data (get the first line do the whole process and so I finish the process pick up the second line and so on), so I get the data from the table, for example the CPF I can paste it into some field text (search), is it possible to do this?

Use ‘Read Range’ activity to read the whole table within the excel file and store it in a DataTable. You can then use ‘For Each Row’ for the DataTable and then input the values into required fields one row at a time.

Let me know if it helps.

Rammohan B.

I do not understand the part of the for each row, so I can “save” the data I got from Excel to later include in a field?
Do you have any examples of how I can do this?
Sorry, I do not know much about this software.