Read data from an application into a variable


I am a complete novice with UI Path and would greatly appreciate your help.
I am trying to automate a process in which I’d log into a Java application, copy data from an excel file into some of the fields in the application and then click search. This allows the application to extract information from a database and display the results in a tabular form. There are 3 columns but the size of rows is dynamic (can be one or more). What I want to do is to read the data from one column in the results into a variable for later processing. If the column has one single value, it seems to be straightforward to do so as I can use the activity ‘Get Text’ and record that single row. However, I do not think I can use that activity when the column has multiple rows. Is there a way to automate the process so it captures all rows in that column into one variable?
Many thanks in advance.