Read data by rows?

I want to key log in by read data from excel as below.



  • read columnA2 and set data AA in variable A
  • read columnB2 and set data Mary in variable B
  • read columnC2 and set data 3464 in variable C


  • read columnA3 and replace data BB in variable A
  • read columnB3 and replace data Moona in variable B
  • read columnC3 and replace data 39785 in variable C

loop until end row.

Please guide me about it.


First, do you have only these many rows or more than these rows?
if possible, send an excel as well…


@Pankaj.Patil I have data 4 rows as below.

master.xlsx (8.4 KB)

use read range activity and then read each row using foreach row actvity
inside foreachrow you can assign values to your variable.
this is the standard way to read any spreadsheet

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sorry for late…
please find xaml file, read comments will understand it.

ReadRowAndReplace.xaml (11.5 KB)


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Hi @fairymemay

Welcome to RPA !!

First you need to use Read Range activity (Under Workbook), then go to the property panel and create variable datatable “DT” in output field.

Then you have to choose For each row activity in bottom of read range activity.
Now you can update the input value “DT” in that field.
Inside of the body call the assign activity and now you can create a variable A = CurrentRow(0).tostring. then you print the value in write line activity.
For B & C variable follow above the step “Variable A”.

Happy Learning :slightly_smiling_face:

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