Read CSV: The given key was not present in the dictionary

Hi, while reading a config file the error returns as “Read CSV: The given key was not present in the dictionary.” How do i resolve this error?

Thanks in advance!

Can you screenshot the sequence that is reading your config file here?

Can you send the InitAllSettings.xaml and Config file here?

because out_Config(“UserConfigFilePath”) doesnt exist, where you do initialize out_config and where does the “UserConfigFilePath” come from?

If Config is already initialized in the main workflow and is passed into “InitAllSettings”, you need to change the direction of out_config to in/out

Hi Yes, it is initialized from the mainworkflow. After changing direction to in/out, error did not resolved.

The config file used to work, after upgrading my uipath i am getting this issue.

Where did you assign a value to Config(“UserConfigFilePath”)

Ive been trying to find out for the past hour… couldnt find it :frowning:

If cant find it then i think you should just pass the csv file path into “InitAllSettings” then use it instead of out_Config(“UserConfigFilePath”)


This error usually appear when you are not passing the arguments correctly

Place a message box and check whether you are able to get the value of the argument which you are passing

Hope this helps you