Read csv that loops by column instead of rows

Hi, I need help extracting information from a csv with the data looping in every 9th row. See below image. I need to extract information in column B. Example:

Bank reference 1: 1234
Bank reference 2: 1233
Bank reference 3: 1223

And have to do the same for other rows as well.


I need to get the result like this:


How can I do it?

Hi @michelle.tann

Best way first to filter the datatable from read csv file activitiy based on Column A

condition to filter

Column A contains “Bank reference”

So.that it only contains rows having Bank reference data which u can easily extract

It would be a good approach

Hope it helps you

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There are 2 ways for this requirement.

a. Export into Datatable using excel scope activity.
b. Filter datatable like Column1=“Bank Rerence”. you will get only all 9th rows into another datatable.

a.Loop all the rows one by one
b. Check if row(0) =“Bank Reference” then Do the manipulation that you wanted to perform.

Hope it will help you.


Hi, thank you for your replies, I edited the post to include the result that I need. Will the method produced the required results?

Hi use filter datatable activity for this to filter the datatable based on below Condition for column A

Column A contains “Bank reference”

Try this


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Hi @michelle.tann

Can you share the input file?

Here it is.

Book1.xlsx (8.7 KB)


Try the attached xaml file
Process.xaml (9.0 KB)

Thank you this is exactly what I need.

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