Read CSV file - process running forever

I am trying to read a CSV file that has 2 lakh rows and saving it to a data table. When I run the bot, the read activity is running for so long and it never completes. I had to stop the process since the bot is taking so long for running the activity. Kindly help


As you have 2 lakhs rows, to load it into memory it will take some time


Hi @Vivek_Ananth

I recommend to divide the sheet into 4 parts
50k results in one sheet*4
and log some message, so u will know it is running
and it will I guess make the process more smooth


Along the strategies to split the files in samller chinks, give try on readin the csv differently:

Read in the text:
File.ReadAllLines(CSVFilePath).ToList() / File. ReadAllText…
Feed it to a generate datatable activity and parse it as CSV


Just give try especially on first part and check how much time the file read does need