Read CSV fields and add each row value to a different task of the process

I am working on a process where the data from a CSV file needs to be added to different fields in an application we access via Citrix. The process needs to loop for as many rows as the CSV file contains. Each set of rows contains different values that are unique to that row or user. The issue that am having is trying to figure out what activity to use where I can add a variable that will increase in value as it reads the different cells on a given row of the CSV file. There are 9 cells on a given row that need to be inputted into different fields of the application, once that data is inputted and the process is saved, the automation will loop back to the next row and its set of cells to be inputted for the next user.

I am using row(0).ToString to read the data on each row, but I need to find an activity where I can use a variable instead. I tried adding a variable but was not able to. I am fairly new to this and any help will be appreciated.

Your flow seems wrong… i think you can do this all without flowchart, just use a For Each Row after you read your data…

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I tried a for each activity but it was looping all the values in the CSV without saving the process and restarting a new one for the next user. Maybe it would work if I put all those sequences in one big sequence under the for each and then loop from there to get to the next row to start adding the values for the next user.

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