Read csv Error_

Hi @supermanPunch @balupad14

PFB error:

Check the value of Config(“Read_adreport”) in the configuration file seems like it is empty you have not given csv file name in it.

Read_adreport C:\Compliance_Dash_Bot\Template\ad_report.csv

This is the value passed in key.
It’s a path.

This error is only occurs when you don’t assign any value to any argument or activity inside your workflow. add “Message box” activity just above this read csv activity and add Config(“Read_adreport”) in the message box just to check whether the value is passing or not. might be you have missed to pass config argument inside the workflow.


The above error will raise when there is a null value is passing

Check that you are passing your arguments correctly also check the directions of argument

Hope this helps you


Hi @mitul_choudhary,

This issue normally occurs when a variable has not been initialised. As @ghazanfarhas said, check the value of your Config value with a message box.

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As Suggested in earlier replies, can you please print 'Config(“Read_adreport”).ToString using log message or write line before reading the csv and provide us the screenshot of output printed. And also if possible try to share screenshot of CSV file which you are reading.