Read CSV and Write CSV

Good Day. how can i start may Read CSV and Write CSV in A2?

Hello @ldiaz

do you want to skip reading the header row? The easiest option is to read it into a data table and then filter it. PSB the link below.

hi i want to read each row and write.
also, i want to remove the first ow column. whats in my mind is to use build datatable but i have tons of columns. is there any other way?

you can use the read csv activity to read the csv directly into the data table. You will not need to add the columns in this case. The filtration can be done later on the data table.

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Hello @ldiaz Please mark the solution if this resolved your issue.

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hi. I’m using read csv and write csv
how can i start my read and write in A2?
i have template in A1. thanks

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