Read CSV Activity Missing data in table

Having an issue where when I read a .csv file and try to print all the rows in the data table a lot of rows have been skipped and the rows do not print in order.

HasHeaders is false and the Delimter is set to Comma.

I am using the For each Row activity to print each row.

In my Write Line activity I have:
rowIndex.ToString + " " row(5).ToString + row(6).ToString

could there be a limit to the number of lines that could be displayed on the information console screen. Also for some reason it does not print the index in order.


Can you have a look at your log file (*-Execution.log) if you want to check its order?
In Output panel, it’s not assured its order if they have same time.


I ended up writing it into a new csv file and all the data was there. Guess it was due to the large amount of data I was trying to print using write line.