Read column data from excel row

Hi Guys,

Could you please help me in reading the data from all the columns from a specific row .
I want the data to be printed as below for each row
4,0 48,0 40,0 54,0 40,0 8,0


I used read rand activity and for each row and trying to print the data.
While iterating I am not getting any idea how to print it.

keep the FOR EACH ROW outside and WHILE LOOP inside the loop
so the structure be like this
–read range
–for each row loop
–while loop with condition like this
counter < dt.Columns.Count
where counter is a variable of type int32 with default value 0
–so inside the while loop use a ADD TO COLLECTIONS activity and in the collections property mention as list_str and in the item property mention as row(counter).tostring where list_str is a variable of type System.Collections.Generic.List(of string) defined in the variable panel with default value as new list(of string)
–next to the while loop use a write line activity and mention like this
which will type in the format you were expecting

Cheers @ereddy068


This gives you the whole row based on the index . It will be coma seperated because i used “,” in the assign

drow is of type datarow and iuy is a datatable