Read cell value of checkbox in excel

I have to read value of cell containing CheckB


Refer these -

Please find the below methods.

  • Method1: Using Macro. Please check the below link. You can write a Macro and use Invoke Macro Activity to implement it.Macro to Read Checkbox
  • Method2: Use Image Exist Activity.

Karthik Byggari

Hi @Sushant_Chanakhekar,

Did You try ‘get attribute’ activity?


hii @Alko i tried get attribute activity but didn’t work

@Sushant_Chanakhekar Hi Sushant You can Try Image Exists Activity.

@Sushant_Chanakhekar it logs error or something?

Either way You can use ‘Image Exist’ or also you can check that how UI Explorer sees cells and then try ‘Element Exist’ Activity in both ways You’ll need to set conditions with boolean output from activities.

Guys who are mentioning Image Exists activity: how would you add it? Within Excel application scope? Cannot be hanging on its own, without any attach, I guess

Ok, I checked - yes, within excel app scope