Read cell value and print it in one column till row end(depends upon row size)


  1. Read cell value
    2.print it in one column till row end(it may change file to file).

Give me some tips.thanks

Hi @ganesh_rajan,

Follow these steps

  1. Read Range - Output to a datatable (Say dt)
  2. Assign - Find the index of your desired first row (From where you want get data Ex: FirstName
    integer Count = dt.Rows.IndexOf( (From row in dt.Select() Where String.Join("",row.ItemArray()).Contains(“FirstName”) Select row).ToArray()(0) )
  3. Assign - Extract from that index till last row of datatable dt
    datatable dtFinal = (From row in dt.Select() Select row).Skip(Count).Take(dt.Rows.Count - Count).CopyToDatatable()
  4. Now use this dtFinal to output it in another sheet as per your need


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can you send the screenshot for this?..give me the sample.

hi @ganesh_rajan,

Please find the wokflow,
BlankProcess3 (2).zip (17.8 KB)


Hi gouda

Want to print “abc_01” this value to ‘Sno’ column to till end of record row.(Note:without mentioning range)

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Any idea for this?

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