Read Cell从Excel指定单元格获取数据会被自动截取掉

使用Read Cell从Excel指定单元格获取“ 01RK12345678”这样的数值,获取之后英文字符前后的数字会被删减掉 变成“0RK2345678”

是不是设置长度了 ?

@sunny360 Hi
will the order of character and digit same ?



Use Replace Activity and Give the Pattern as \d(?=RK) it will Take one digit before and replace it with "" use another Replace and use the pattern (?<=RK)\d it will take next one digit of RK and replace it with "". Please find the attached workflow it will help you to understand.Sequence.xaml (5.1 KB)

方便的话,请发一下程序和excel,我帮您排查一下 谢谢

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