Read Cell: Could not read cell from address "A37"

I set cell number from find key words with activity “look range” - A37 (It will be var-cellBu)
Then I want to read what content in thic cell
I set with “assign” : cellBu: chr(34) + cellBu + chr(34)
Then I use read cell activity, where write - cellBu

But I have error --Read Cell: Could not read cell from address “A37”.

If I write in read cell activity “A37” instead cellBu - all ok and I have content

Help me, please

Hi @RPA3,

The output of a LookUp Range activity is a string, hence your action
“assign” : cellBu: chr(34) + cellBu + chr(34)
is not necessary anymore. Try to delete this assign and, run again your code

Hope this helps
Best regards,

Then I have only - A37
But for read cell need “A37”


Could you please share some print screens from your workflow?

Thank you

What exactly? I kind of wrote everything


The value from range “A37” is the same as the value provided in LookUp Range activity, within the Value field. It is the value for which you are searching the range in the first place

I’m wondering what is the scope to find the range for a specific value, and then to use the read cell on that range … isn’t make sense

However, I would consider using read range with filter/lookup datatable activities for more reliable data manipulation

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