Read bulk txt files from using specific text (it acts like find)with that we can get the previous words and after words

HI all,
as i discussed in the previous doubts im still resolving it, i need some help from you side also
if you want to know more go through the VB Script its helps please check this i tried to fix it but im facing many trouble like variable type and some are cant fixed
Mainevent(Autosaved).xaml (21.0 KB)

Assign fileList = Directory.GetFiles("C:\YourDirectory", “*.txt”)

Assign textsToFind = New List(Of String)

Assign fileCount = 0

For Each filePath In fileList
Assign fileContent = File.ReadAllText(filePath)

For Each searchText In textsToFind
    // Search for the current text within the file content
    If fileContent.Contains(searchText)
        // Increment the fileCount when the condition is met
        Assign fileCount = fileCount + 1
        // Split the content into words
        Assign words = fileContent.Split({" "}, StringSplitOptions.RemoveEmptyEntries)
        // Find the index of the search text
        Assign searchTextIndex = Array.IndexOf(words, searchText)
        // Extract two words before and two words after
        Assign wordsBeforeAndAfter = New List(Of String)
        For i = Math.Max(0, searchTextIndex - 2) To Math.Min(words.Length - 1, searchTextIndex + 2)
        // Join the extracted words into a sentence
        Assign contextSentence = String.Join(" ", wordsBeforeAndAfter)
        Log Message - Message: "Found in file: " + filePath + " - Context: " + contextSentence
        // Perform additional actions with the extracted context sentence
    End If
End For Each


Log Message - Message: "Total files found: " + fileCount.ToString