Read body of email and write to csv

HI All,

I need to read the email body which contains ,

Can you please help me in converting to CSV file.


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using mail activities read the emails then output from the email activity store it and then that variable.body will return the email body then first print it then format the data as required for to write into csv

Hey hi @kalyanDev, am using the below logic.

Process.xaml (16.8 KB)

Getting the output as follows:


Hi @sushmithaelluru
-Read the emails using Get Imap Mail messages.
-Iterate It In for each Lopp
-You Can use Filter if wants the mails from Particular UserId Or User.
-Then Get the Body body using item.body.
-Then Use Write CSV Activity to write that data in Csv File.

Hey @jitendra_123, am using the logic you mentioned in the xaml I uploaded. The body contains the image I attached above too.

Getting the output as,


okay i’ll check once…

Is there any HTML table contains in Your mail body?

Ok @kalyanDev, thanks.

Yes @jitendra_123, it contains.