Read and stop iteration from excel file to SAP when empty

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I am a novice with using UiPath since I recently started learning about it. I would like to ask one query where I am reading and writing data from excel file to SAP. It is a scenario of creating an Article Master data.

As you can see from the screenshot I have attached that the excel application scope rows I am reading in a loop but I want to stop the loop as soon as each data record in excel file is read. However, since the node is connected in such way that it again and again reads and keep reading and creating the data forever. I am sure that some Do While, Do Until or IF statement condition would be used. But I am not sure where to use it and how to use it? Please help me with the expression to be used and where exactly I shall be use it?

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Udit Kapoor

Nevermind. I got the solution. I got confused and again connected the node from that last container with the second last container, which shouldn’t be the case. I removed that because inside Excel Application Scope activity I am already using for each row activity too. So it will automatically stop when all the rows are iterated. Sorry for the trouble.
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