Read and extract certain data from an xml file

well I know that I use the activity “read text” and then “deseearilize xml”, with that I get the xml file as a function of “string”, I would like to know a way to determine certain data such as id, UBL Version, IssueDate20100346631-01-F003-00004336.xml (9.5 KB)

as your XML is using Namspaces have a first look on this

I do not understand, I know that I can extract the data through a “for each”, but because the names use “:”, I don’t know how to do it, is there any way to solve it?

I will answer more detailed to you later. In the meanwhile can you run the sample from the linked post (see above). Have a look on the element nam is composed with the namespace information and the (plain) element name.

In your retrieval the namespaces has similiar to take into account.