Read and convert multiple csv files to excel issue

i have a folder “Folder1” where everday will be stored two csv files that i want to convert and store in another folder “Folder2” to use it after . the two folder’s name are “fileTel_ddmmyyy” and “fileTr_ddmmyyy” , and the part “ddmmyyy” changes based on the day.
i defined a variales “folderPath” (string) for the path Folder1" where the two files be stored
and i also defined two other variables Csv1file (String) and Csv1file as : Directory.GetFiles(folderPath, “fileTel_*.csv”)
since the part “ddmmyyy” changes everday
After the Assign activity, i put For each to loop over the csv Files array. Inside the loop i read the csv file stored the result (converted csv) inside a TempDatable then added a Write wrange of the the data table) to store the converted file in “Folder2” as wanted (this time excel files) using another assign : ExcelPath =Path.Combine(folderPath, Path.GetFileNameWithoutExtension(currentItem) & “.xlsx”)
But i keep getting error and dont get the wanted results
how can i fix this


Can you share what error you are facing?