Read and convert an encoded text file to a table

I have a text file (IPM T112…) in EBCDIC format .I want to convert this file in Ascii and the have it inside a data table .
Can any one help with an invoke code to do this . I saw this code online but i dont know how to utilize it in uipath

''' <summary>
''' Translates a file from EBCDIC to ASCII.
''' </summary>
''' <param name="sourceEbcdicFilePath">The full path of the EBCDIC file.</param>
''' <param name="newAsciiFilePath">The full path of the new ASCII file 
''' that will be created.</param>
''' <remarks></remarks>
Private Sub TranslateFile(ByVal sourceEbcdicFilePath As String, _
                          ByVal newAsciiFilePath As String)

    'Set the encoding to the EBCDIC code page.
    Dim encoding As System.Text.Encoding = _

    'Set this to the length of an EBCDIC line or block.
    Dim lineLength As Integer = 134

    'Buffer used to store characters read in from the statement input file.
    Dim buffer(lineLength - 1) As Char

    'Open the EBCDIC file for reading using the EBCDIC encoding.
    Dim reader As New IO.StreamReader(sourceEbcdicFilePath, encoding)

    'Open a file to write out the data to.
    Dim writer As New IO.StreamWriter(newAsciiFilePath, _
                                      False, System.Text.Encoding.Default)

    'This is a string to store the translated line.
    Dim strAscii As String = String.Empty

    'This variable increments every time a block of data is read
    Dim iLoops As Integer = 0

    'Loop through the EBCDIC file.
    Do Until reader.EndOfStream = True

        'Read in a block of data from the EBCDIC file.
        reader.ReadBlock(buffer, 0, lineLength)

        'Translate the string using the EBCDIC encoding.
        strAscii = encoding.GetString(encoding.GetBytes(buffer))

        'Write the translated string out to a file.

        'Only call DoEvents every 1000 loops (increases performance)
        iLoops += 1
        If iLoops = 1000 Then


            iLoops = 0 'reset

        End If


    'Close files.

    'Release resources.

End Sub

The problem is that I am having this everywhere in my text file

Hi @MasterOfLogic

Have you tried using the code as-it-is inside an Invoke Code activity?
You may only need to pass in 2 parameters - the filePath locations of source and target files (EBCDIC and ASCII).

Clean up the code for any errors it shows and see if it gives you the solution you need.

@RPAForEveryone I do not know what to do with Application.DoEvents() it says application is not defined