Read an excel

Hello guys. I need to create an flow which reads a excel file in real time, I mean to read the excel while I add data into it, not only once when starting the flow. Thanks

Well real time might not be possible for now in desktop application but you can use GSuite (Google online excel) where you paste or do data manipulation and through API call you can get the data in real time as and when you make changes.

Unless you mean it as a trigger when you make a certain change automatically that data should be read without prompt.

Hope this helps :slight_smile:

PS ; Uipath has full GSuite integration you should check it out.

Any other ideas? Thank you!

I’m pretty new to UiPath but wouldn’t it be possible to create a excel application scope in a separate sequence and set that sequence to automatically run every few seconds? Then in your main program, you can use an invoke activity to get the results from this activity whenever they are needed?

That I was also thinking about, sounds like an idea, but I thought that are other solutions for this. Thanks!