Read all nodes

I am trying to get a list of all nodes and all children in each node on the given web page. Any pointers on how to achieve it will be highly appreciated.
Have already got a way to find one particular node / subnode based on user input. Example if the user enters “Finance”, system click on Finance node, further if user enters “Pensions” system clicks on pensions.
But I am looking to get list of all nodes and subnodes in one go instead of getting user inputs.

Dear Forum members, any inputs on above post will be appreciated.

You can select any member from the screen and from that uielement you can get parent or children. With a couple of loops or recursive programming you can retrieve all necessary info.

Thanks Tom for your inputs. But the challenge we are facing is that the bot is not picking up the children / ancestor of any node. We tried with hard coding of specific links , it works but when we try to make it generic, its giving us tough time.