Read Address

HI Team,

I am reading the below mentioned address lines and need to paste it in a Html file

Line 1 : Studio Stable Works
Line 2 : # 5 Church Road
Line 3 :
Line 4 :
Line 5: Pin Code 600025

I am able to read the above mentioned address and storing it in a dictionary.
My question is while printing these address in html file i should ignore the blank lines line 3 and 4 and the output should be

Studio Stable Works

5 Church Road

Pin Code 600025

So how to skip the empty lines. I may also get all text in 5 lines also.

before sending to html store this in a string variable and mention like this
str_input = String.Join("Environment.Newline,str_input.Split(Environment.NewLIne.ToArray(),Stringsplitoptions.RemoveEmptyEntries))

Then we can send the whole string as a variable or line by line as you do currently

Hope this would help you resolve
Cheerss @Robotics

Before printing check this if condition,
string.IsNullOrEmpty(yourStringValue) then print.