Read a word document then change information in a word document template using Reg Ex

Hi All,
So I have a word Document that the bot will read then make changes to another Word Document Template.The changes are based on the document it read !! I am trying to use Reg Ex can someone help me . I’m new thanks

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You may need to use regex to extract the required text yes, please provide some samples so we can build the regex pattern/s.

For updating the template take a look here:



You cant use the regex inside the vba its limitation.

***But you can try this for replace ***

  1. use the keyword pattern in your document like below

Welcome to <>

  1. use the replace function

“<>” with found value

Read the text from document you can use below

Mukesh Singh

First read text is a long word document.
Second read text is the Template that need to be changed
Reg ex - I uploaded the template indicated what has to be replaced

Have you changed the template with keyword

Yes, it highlighted did i do anything wrong

Give me screenshort of your world template

Give me some sample file in with UiPath code

Its just a a regular word document that will extract /make changes based on the information it reads from another word document