Read a Specific Cell and Write a Specific Cell


I want to simply read this cell(specific) and write it on another sheet but on a specific cell.

While writing the desired cell the output is DataTable!

What might be the code/steps to solve the issue?

My Read Cell Activity

My Write Cell activity

Thank you

Could not get your requirement clearly…could you please brief?

Hi @Tanzill_Ahsan

As per your Workflow design , you had done in correct way but what u mean by output is Datatable?

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what is problem with this code? as @NIVED_NAMBIAR’s said that your code is correct for your requirement.

@NIVED_NAMBIAR @Pankaj.Patil @prasath17

My datatype was string but my values were in double so conversion error was appearing or the output is showing as “Datatable” like this.

But now I changed the read range variable as double and it is working properly. Thank you.

I was trying to read a specific data from a cell and write that into another specific cell.

Thank you I had solved it @prasath17


The problem was in my variable type. I found it and solved it.

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