Read a mail with a specific subject

I want to read only mails which contain a specific text in subject line. How do I do this?

Use the filter option that comes with the activity get mails witth the syntax :

"[Subject] = 'yourSubject'"

PS: other than the double quotes around the whole filter expression, don’t forget the single quote around yourSubject otherwise it won’t work.

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You can use the filter option with the following expression -


Thank you. I was able to do this with above suggestions. I am now stuck with mail body. When I try to print mail body, it always gives me blank data. I want to extract specific text from mail body. How do I do this.Capture
I want to capture the numbers in blue.

Hi, did u found a solution? I am facing a same scenario

I retrieved the subject of all the mails and if it matches the desired string, then retrieved mail body.

Hi @reda and @KarthikByggari
How do i pass a variable in my subject filter
Do i just add + and add the variable like below?

“[Subject] = ‘one time password (OTP) for approving this: + CaseID’”