Read a date the web and do validation

Hello everyone.
I am new to Uipath.
If I have capture the date wit DateTime. can you separate the variable to know the day and te montth?
I need to make a filter, if the current date is between the 1st -10th of the month, the previous month should be filtered, but if the current date is 11, the current month should be filtered.

everything is done on a web page



So my understanding is like you want to do the following,

  1. Capture the date from a webpage
  2. Fetch day and month from it
  3. Check condition and decide the flow

If the above is right, could you please confirm if you were able to successfully fetch the date from the webpage ?

This will help us to proceed further.


Hola necesitaba solo saber el día, si lo pude solucionar asi:

Y con esto obtengo toda la fecha:

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