Read a csv file in a predefined time

Hello I need to read a csv file every day at 8pm in studio, and this file is part of a process that runs every 30 minutes in orchestrator.
How to can only read the contain of this file of the run at 8pm before it conatind the information updated of the 30 minutes later at 8:30 pm?

Hello @robot_robot

Sorry…Your requirement is little confusing. Are you trying to use orchestrator schedules?


@robot_robot could you explain more? it helps us to provide a better solution for you.
8 pm a bot runs and fetches the data, later 8.30 pm bot needs to process those files right?
Create the folder name with the current date and place the file in it, Later access the file in current date folder’s file

Hi @robot_robot,

It is unclear what your exact requirement is if you could explain further it may make it easier to give you options.

You could schedule your process to run between a certain time if it should only run at that time?

Another option if the process is always running but should only read the spreadsheet after 8 would be to create an if statement on the reading of that spreadsheet with the condition being the time range that you are looking for