Read 2 dataTables if NIC and TERM matched take another column(Proposal No)column from dt1 to dt2

I am reading 2 dts like above and get the output successfully.(matched and unmatched using 2 for each) I want to get another column values from dt1(PROPOSAL NO) which is corresponding to matching “NIC” and “TERM” to dt2.

Since I have 25000+ records in dt1 & 2500+ records in dt2 it waste huge amount of time inside 2 loops.

Can someone help me with an efficient way.



if both NIC and there is another column named TERM, if both matched I want to take PROPOSAL NO to dt2

Hi @shaggz

I think u need to combine both tables with condition NIC = LIFE 1 TERM

So for that why can’t u try with join datatable activity in Uipath

Thanks for the help,
I tried
when I do inner join it shows empty in join table

Did u put the condition too

If u don’t mind can u Share the sample excel files?

Hi @shaggz

Column table 1 and column table 2 u need to specify column name or column index

Like this

“Life 1 NIC” = “NIC”

OP07test.xlsx (11.5 KB) dtNSB1.xls (845 Bytes)

I did so as you can see
I put trim because sometimes it contains spaces after NIC no