Read 0 lead number in excel?

I have data as below. = 02


But after read by uipath = 2

My flow as below.


Now Config(“DateLead1”).ToString = 2

Please guide me for read 0.

you can use preserve format option in read range please try it and feed us back if you still face this issue :slight_smile:

@mahmoud.zaky I use assign as below.


It can solve it.

If you convert it to an integer, you are going to lose the 0. Simply use Config(“DateLead1”).ToString

Hi @fairymemay ,

If you wish to preserve its format as you manually write in to Excel, I would recommend prepending a single qoute like so:



Could you try making that adjustment and then try reading it once more from UiPath?

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Ashwin A.K

could you please check this discussion and solution and feed us back if there is any questions or if this solution not solve your issue.