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I had a query and the scenario is mentioned below:

I have a list of url s of websites and when the webiste opens , i should scrape details from the site.(like an email id). The position of this email keeps changing depending on the website. Is there any method of automating this search?

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You can use Anchor Base activity. Find the example workflow at the end of the link.

Karthik Byggari

Hello KarthikByggari

The problem lies there.
The websites differ ,
Some of them have drop downs for selecting contact info, others have contact info at the bottom, some have a hyperlink and buttons are all in various positions and types
Can you suggest any other method?

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Hello @Anusha_Makam,

May I know, the website URL list you get, does it change time to time? or is it the same set of URL’s?

I mean, in other words, at once given instance, lets say you get 10 URLS of different sites. and on another instance, do you get the same set of urls? or a completely different set or urls?

If it’s a website, then you could get HTML code of page and search for patterns there.
E.g. if you would have


then you could try to look for text in mail format.

Hello Lahiru.Fernando,

These are some of the list of website url’s

There are around 100 sites like this

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Hello KatKon,

Looks like this can work.
Could you guide me as to how I could exactly achieve this?


you can get text of that complete page and write a regex to extract emailID/Phonenumber

Here is a post about fetching page in HTML:

Then use Regex (Regular expressions). E.g. Regex for emails is:

You can test your regular expressions in Regex tester websites, e.g.