Starting in 2018-2019, I started to learn UI Path, did the training courses and was getting to the point I was starting to create scripts here at work…and a big thanks to this forum for helping in the many questions I did have…back in May last year I got sick and found out had cancer…but today things are good, I’m healthy and came back to work…(is that good or bad?…anyways I have been away from working with UI Path for the past 8 months and want to get back into it…

Any recommendation what I should do, I still remember the basics and kept all the old scripts I created, but I see now on the Academy website new course like Studio X and Platform updates…should I start learning again with these, or or there others anyone recommends?


Hi, welcome back, im very happy for you! Yes you will love to see how far the platform has reached since then, you will find a new training about the foundation, I would start there as it will make your remember the basic AND show you new things. UiPath Academy

welcome back Chris :slight_smile:

Its awsme actually!

If you dont need a refresher training then its not required to take the same courses again.
However taking the updates will bring you upto speed on the new features as UiPath has grown so much.
You can start with the DevloperFoundation however to feel you are back :stuck_out_tongue:

Studio X is a different thing altogether and focuses on a non-developer approach. If you wanted to add this to your knowledge you can try it out.

I myself came back after a long time and went through some of the updates :slight_smile:
I also tried to read through all the release posts created here in the forum.

All the very best and welcome back once again brother! :robot: